Special Advisors to the Trustees

  • James Harvey, Company Secretary to TFUK
  • Jessica Carty, Minutes Secretary to the Trustees
  • Joseph Duncan (Youth work and project leadership)
  • Karen Bryson (Development, evaluation, social value and health)
  • Gerry Marshall (Youth offending, restorative justice and rehabilitation)
  • Andrew Mathews-Owen (Musician and producer)
  • Barry Snelgrove (Youth Justice Board)
  • Jim Campbell (Marketing and sustainability)
  • Stanley Jacob (Government adviser for Youth Justice)
  • Michael Holman (Media and international aid and development)
  • Dr Nadia Habashi (Evaluation)
  • Mark Ferguson (Media and Communications)
  • Sarah Baldock (Event management)
  • Paul Anderson (CEO Voyage)
  • Nichola Chapman (Marketing)
  • Jasmine Danish (Love Life Generation-Youth Leader)
  • Rukiyah Khatun (Youth and Inclusion)
  • Alex Zalewska (Photographer)
  • Michelle Lawrence (Social Cohesion)
  • Anna Delaney (Visual Arts)
  • James Harvey (Legal Matters)
  • Monica Tyler (Fundraising and Business Development)
  • Sharon Constancon (Head of the South African Chamber of Commerce in the UK)
  • Dr Stella Compton Dickinson
  • Father Paul Davies

Health advisory board

  • Anne-Marie Archard
  • Vincent Badu
  • Timothy Carlisle
  • Dr Stella Compton Dickinson (Psychotherapy and Music Therapy)
  • Karen Dixon
  • Neil Fineberg
  • Monica Hanaway
  • Charlie Helps
  • Spenser Hilliard
  • Sandra Marshall
  • Diana Mitchell
  • Tim Ojo
  • Catherine Ovington
  • Kline Roger
  • Nick Samuels
  • John Scurr
  • Joy Warmington
  • Mitzi Wyman