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Tutu peace lecture: Strong political parties needed as 'storm' approaches

NBPA Press release on Deaths in Custody report

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Arch for an Arch honouring Tutu is unveiled in Cape Town

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The Forgiven - when Desmond Tutu met racist killer Piet Bloomfield

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Lammy backs call to break us and them divide between youth and police.

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Tutu ambassador with close royal links at BFI screening of Blue Planet

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The power of the impartial mediator

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Tackling tension between youth and police in inner city trouble spots

Podcast interview with Clive Conway, Chair of Tutu Foundation UK

Interview by Otatade Okojie, author of Lunchbox Millionaire and member of Amnick Social Enterprise

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David Lammy among guest speakers at police and youth symposium

Open letter from Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu to Ms Aung San Su Kyi

PDF of letter

Desmond Tutu Foundation brings together Tottenham's police and youth:

Stop and search roles reversed

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Desmond Tutu urges Aung San Suu Kyi to speak out over Rohingya killings

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Fighting hate with reason and love for our fellow man

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Malala heading for Oxford University five years after being shot in the head by the Taliban

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Tutu pleads for clemency for 14 Arab spring protestors facing death sentence

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Journalers offered inspiration by Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama

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Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of gay sex

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Tutu attends funeral of union leader who was a beacon of hope for black workers

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The right to assisted dying...

Appointment of Nayan Patel as a Special Advisor to the Tutu Foundation UK

"I am truly honoured and thrilled to be invited to serve as a Specialist Advisor to the Tutu Foundation UK, with the remit to build corporate relationships. The work of the Foundation is an inspiration to us all and I look forward to supporting the Board on its mission to help those who are less fortunate and to make the world a better and a peaceful one for all".


Nayan Patel PHF

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When Trevor McDonald got Desmond Tutu on a flatbed truck and an interview with Mandela.

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The Dalai Lama celebrates ubuntu, the philosophy learned from his 'dear friend' Desmond Tutu.

Trustee Ben Slee was interviewed on UCB Radio

Following the terror attack in Borough Market and the reopening of Southwark Cathedral Trustee Ben Slee was interviewed on UCB radio about the Tutu Foundation UK's connections to Southwark Cathedral, the Borough Market and the work we are doing in London and across the UK to build stronger, more inclusive and more peaceful communities.

You can listen here

Tutu Foundation UK welcomes Southwark Cathedral reopening after terror attacks

The Tutu Foundation UK has added its voice to those welcoming the reopening of Southwark Cathedral (11 June, 2017), which was in the area cordoned off following the London Bridge terrorist attack a week ago.

The Cathedral has special significance to the Tutu Foundation because it was founded in Southwark Cathedral by The Very Reverend Colin Slee, the late Dean of Southwark and Chair of the Borough Market, his wife Edith Slee, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu and his wife, Leah Tutu.

We are tripling our efforts to bring communities in Southwark and across the UK together and working with our Ambassadors, and others, to build on the success of our current projects and help people build peaceful communities.

The Tutu Foundation UK is currently leading a special initiative in Southwark and ten other London Boroughs titled the ‘‘UBUNTU – Youth Police Roundtable Project.

Link to press release

Tutu Foundation UK receives £100K in funding for more Ubuntu Police-Youth Round table projects

The Tutu Foundation UK is very excited to announce that it has received matched funding of £100K from the Sir John Cass Foundation and the Mayor of London through the Mayors Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) to run ten more Ubuntu Police-Youth Round Table projects with our partners Youth Futures in the most vulnerable Boroughs across London.

Desmond Tutu said

“May I say a big thank you to you and your colleagues in the Foundation”

learn more here and more background to the project here

Shortlisted for the Third Sector Awards 2016

The Tutu Foundation UK has been shortlisted for UK "Third Sector Awards 2016". Congratulations must go to Clive Conway, Chair of our Trustees who is on a shortlist of just three as Charity Chair of the Year in recognition of the enormous effort he has made and, more importantly, the success he has had in invigorating the Tutu Foundation UK


Southwark Ubuntu Police-Youth Round table Project reaches a successful conclusion with plans for more.

The Ubuntu Police-Youth Round table Project in Southwark delivered with our partners at Youth Futures has concluded following two very successful round table sessions in successive weeks. The sessions were so successful that the number of people who came to the second session to participate almost became a problem!

The independent evaluator said:

“The Tutu Foundation and Youth Futures are to be commended for the Initiative.”

“The full involvement and cooperation of the police officers who too part is a clear indication [the] commitment and willingness …. of the local police service. …. The Youths’ commitment to the programme was also obvious in their full participation in the planning and staging of the events."

The conclusion to the project is not the end. More projects are planned across London. The Tutu foundation UK is discussing how the principals of the project might become part of a community led training programme for the police and better community policing. finally anecdotal evidence from community leaders working in the community suggests that the relationships between the police and local people have improved significantly, people feel confident talking to the police and feel the police are showing them more respect. They also suggest that the police are stopping and talking to people more.


Spencer Hilliard talks about the Tutu Foundation UK at the Interfaith "Faithful Dispute Resolution"

Spenser Hilliard is one of the Tutu Foundation UKs Mediators and sits on the Tutu Foundation UK Health Advisory Panel.

Spenser Hiilliard will be speaking at the five day interfaith "Faithful Dispute Resolution" event and course being held at the Islamic Foundation in Leicester from the 31st of May to 4th of June. Spenser will be speaking about Ubuntu, the legacy of Desmond and Leah Tutu our founding Patrons.


Peter Sheriden OBE becomes a tutu Foundation UK Ambassador

Peter Sheriden is the Chief executive of Cooperation Ireland as well as an Equality Commissioner for Northern Ireland. Peter is a former Assistant Chief Constable with the Police Service of Northern Ireland (formerly the Royal Ulster Constabulary) where he was responsible for the Crime Operations Department, which included serious and organised crime investigation including terrorist investigations.

Peter is a strong advocate for the resolution of conflict through building understanding between people and a powerful public speaker. We are very grateful that he has agreed to support the Tutu Foundation UK.


Huffington Post: The Tutu Foundation International Peace summit

Read an article by the Dean of Regents University London here


Tutu Foundation International Peace Summit with Regents University London

Regents University London hosted the Tutu Foundation Peace Summit 2016 on April the 9th. We are extremely grateful to our long-term partners at Regents University London for their continuous support and encouragement. The day proved to be extremely successful as Anna Delaney reports here.

“One of the lessons of history is that we don’t learn the lessons of history”

Martin Bell

A thought provoking statement if ever there was one.
And thought-provoking very much defined the tone of the day at The International Peace Summit held on Saturday April 9th at Regent’s University in collaboration with the Tutu Foundation UK. The event drew in an audience of over 100 to hear experts in international relations, human rights, policing, terrorism, psychology, mediation and journalism covering topics such as policing conflict, the psychology of conflict, and the process of mediation. A day of informed and candid reflections, as well as challenging and thoughtful questions from a high calibre audience, kept energy levels high from start to finish.


Henry Blofeld becmes A Tutu Ambassador

Henry Blofeld, Avid cricketer and cricket correspondant on the BBC’s Test Match Speacial has agreed to be a Tutu Foundation Ambassador to surpport and promote our Ubuntu Sports projects using Cage Cricket to help build bridges in divided communities. The Tutu Foundation UK is working with Cage 4 All and other organiseations to develop projects that use the Tutu Foundation’s successful Conversations for Change programme and sport to help bridge divisions between different social, cultural and religious groups in the broader community. Through engaging in sport together people will learn about each other, improve their team work, teaching, leadership, presentation and communication skills. The project will develop understanding and respect between individuals and community groups and provide them with new conflict management skills that empower them to tackle their own behaviour and diffuse conflicts in their neighbourhood.


Desmond Tutu International Peace Summit: Resolving Conflicts Through Mediation
Regent’s University, London

The Tutu Foundation UK and Regent’s University London are hosting a conference discussing the power of the Ubuntu philosophy that underpins the all of the work of the Tutu Foundation and the mediation training of Regents University London. The concept of Ubuntu is that "my humanity comes from recognising your humanity”.

Covering topics such as policing conflict, the psychology of conflict, and the process of mediation in South Africa and Sri Lanka, the International Peace Summit will serve to spread mediation practice and Ubuntu facilitation far and wide.

Our expert speakers include Sir Hugh Orde, Peter Sheridan, PC Sakira Suzia, Paul Randolph, Professor Andrew Pilkington, Spenser Hilliard, Mungi Ngomane, Martin Bell, Tamara Ben-Halim, Serena Chaudhry, Dr Neven Andjelic and Dr Kit Barton. Our special guest, Nontombi Naomi Tutu, daughter of Archbishop Desmond Tutu and renowned human rights activist, will also be presenting.

View details


Tutu Foundation Advisor and lead Mediator Interviewed by Reuters and the Daily Mail

Tutu Foundation Advisor and lead Mediator Paul Randolph has been interviewed by Reuters and the Daily Mail about how mediation can help resolve international conflicts, particularly in Syria, as well as the Tutu

Foundation UK and Regents University London International Peace Summit: Resolving Conflicts Through Mediation taking place on Saturday 9th of April.

View article